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The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Agreements in Santa Ana

Hello Christopher, when you brought this to our attention we checked the cameras and only saw one tire changed, which is the one you needed repaired. Everything at our dealership is camera protected. We encouraged you to come in, so we could resolve this conflict, but you never showed up. If you still want to see video records of the incident, we are more then happy to show you

Does your community or property benefit from having an automated gate system? It can be frustrating when, without proper maintenance, technical issues start to occur. The best way to prevent these lapses in functionality is to get certified, professional technicians to evaluate your gated entry systems for red flags that can be repaired during regular maintenance to mitigate potential problems. Fortunately, Automated Gate Services offers Preventative Maintenance Agreements in Santa Ana for customers to receive regular, high-quality maintenance on the gate systems on their property.

Not only can Preventative Maintenance Agreements increase the life expectancy of your gates, but this regular maintenance by certified automated gate technicians can increase reliability and minimize functionality issues and sudden failures. This Preventative care and early detection of potential future issues also may mean fewer unexpected service calls and unnecessary, potentially costly repairs for you to deal with. Preventative Maintenance agreements save customers both time and money by mitigating issues with your gates before they can ever occur.

Our customers with PMA agreements enjoy many convenient services, including priority scheduling, regular testing of all gated entry and access control functions during maintenance visits, a database with all of your equipment models and serials numbers for faster ordering for repairs. Each invoice we send you provides a full report for each maintenance service for maximum transparency. Communication matters deeply to us, so when our technicians spot an issue with any of your gates during a maintenance visit that needs repair outside of what general maintenance can provide, you will be notified and advised on potential next steps for your repairs.

Automated Gate Services is an industry leader in repairing gated entry and access control systems, and has almost 40 years of experience in the field. For more information on how Preventative Maintenance Agreements in Santa Ana can benefit the properties or communities you manage, give us a call at (888)428-3711 today.