Complete Guide To Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Systems

Complete Guide To Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Systems

parking lot entry and exit control systems

Having good parking lot access control is essential. Your guests will feel safer and put more trust in you, which is good news if these guests are also your customers or partners.

Considering parking lots are some of the most vulnerable areas for car theft and crime, you must stay on top of this as a commercial or industrial property owner. That means having the proper parking lot entry and exit control systems.

What parking control systems can you use for this? Our guide goes over some of the best options you have.


One of the easiest ways you can manage parking lot access control is to use dispensers to keep track of what vehicles are in your parking lot.

You can do this by having each driver take a ticket as they enter the parking lot. Then, they either need to pay for their ticket once they park or as they are leaving the parking lot.

For those who have regular access to your parking lot, you can give them an access card. This can cover someone for several days, weeks, a calendar year, or even lifetime access.

It can be a good way to make sure people pay their dues for your parking lot access. You can have a booth with an attendant to help manage this. Or, you can use an automated system that has an AOA gate.


This next system benefits those parking lots with more restricted access. Think of things like an industrial plant, a military base, a government facility, a large sports venue, and more.

Having sensors is a good indicator of who is allowed to have access to your parking lot. That is because these sensors scan cards or tags that you have given out.

You can give these to employees, special guests, people who bought tickets for a certain event, a group tour, and more. This is an automated system that will lift the gate once the tag or card scans properly.

Pin Codes

For an extra level of security, you may decide to give out pin codes to those who need access to your parking lot. The reason why this may be an extra level is because it prevents theft of tags and cards.

In the above scenario, someone could theoretically steal a tag and get access to a parking lot. With a pin code, that could limit it to the specific person access was granted for.

To do this, you can set up something at the entry where a driver would be required to type their PIN code in. Then, once they enter the correct PIN code, the gate will be lifted for them.

Mobile Phones

In this day and age, people are using cell phones and mobile apps for more and more necessities. You can take advantage of this as a property owner by requiring people to show their mobile phones to grant access to your parking lot.

Considering that about 255 billion mobile apps are downloaded each year, you likely will not get many objections to using one for parking lot access.

You can have it on your mobile phone to see who is requesting access to your parking lot. Or, you can have guests download the app in advance and have their barcode scanned from that app.

This is a way of implementing modern technology for parking lot security.


If you prefer more traditional vehicle gate access control systems, one thing you can do is install an intercom. This can be put at your parking lot entrance.

From there, people who drive to that entrance can speak in an intercom. Then, they can tell you or your employees who they are and why they want to enter your parking lot. You or your employee can then confirm that they should be there and open your gate.

If you tend to have guests who need to be screened, this could be a great option for you to do just that.


This next system is good for those who have other guests show up in their parking lots. These can be people who are there to pick others up from your facility or there to deliver something to your building.

What a turnstile does is separate those who are using your parking lot from those who have permission to be in your facility.

For example, let’s say that you have a government building that only employees are allowed access to. You may install a turnstile at the front entrance of the building to make sure people entering it have the proper clearance.

You can prevent unwanted guests from coming in while still providing parking lot access to other people. These people could be significant others of those employees or even people making food deliveries to the building.

Regardless, you can have the best of both worlds with this system.

Guard Booths

If you would rather have parking lot access done manually, guard booths are the way to go. You can have a parking lot attendant stand or sit inside the booth to manage access.

Parking lot attendants can collect things such as a card, a ticket, or something from a mobile app. From there, they can determine if someone should have access to the parking lot.

It is also good for security purposes because someone can watch CCTV cameras from a guard booth. They can make sure the parking lot remains safe and spot any problems right away.

Use These Parking Lot Entry and Exit Control Systems

Parking lot entry and exit control systems allow you to manage who can access your parking lot. These not only keep your parking lot safe but also organized.

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